[drupal-devel] Let's accept more interim solutions

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Tue Apr 26 09:49:23 UTC 2005

> I don't have a clear idea of how to fix this, but I'm suggesting that
> we think about ways of pulling Drupal's cooler features up to the
> surface where making hacks are more accessible... one way to do this
> *might* be to offer module and theme editors in the admin section...
> making it possible to work on and improve modules without having to
> interact with a server... while many in the Drupal community might not
> be directly interested in this feature, I think it would do a great
> deal for bubbling up the ability to hack on do cool things with
> Drupal.

And break the whole thing outright quite easily. If a single module is 
broken, then all you receive is a blank page, or even worse an error 


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