[drupal-devel] Vanilla: the forum software to look for

Kristjan Jansen kristjan.jansen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 07:08:05 UTC 2005

I posted this a week ago to this list but have not seen it since --
hope this is no dupe


Comparing their approach to Drupal's we do not fare bad at all. Some
tiny details I like (to rip from them ;):

Not logged in:

* Overall look. yes, perhaps too Typepad but nice and smooth
netherless (perhaps too low-contrast, I have missed many vital UI
* "edited" mark next to a comment
* Informative login / register dialogs

Logged in:

* switchable small / big textarea (but ihmo it should work vice versa,
small -> big)
* ajax-based (un)bookmarking
* ajax-based (un)blocking topics (taxonomy)
* navigation history block
* search history block

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