[drupal-devel] Vanilla: the forum software to look for

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Aug 5 08:55:16 UTC 2005

You would need only one or two more modules and a new theme to achieve that. 
Its the Power of Drupal [tm]

Op donderdag 04 augustus 2005 09:08, schreef Kristjan Jansen:
> * Overall look. yes, perhaps too Typepad but nice and smooth

Drupal has no *look*, but yes, we lack a theme that looks this smooth. 

> netherless (perhaps too low-contrast, I have missed many vital UI
> elements)
> * "edited" mark next to a comment

You can grab this for each post by comparing posted and edited datestamp and 
print that in your theme. Or use nodapi in a module. very simple. 

> * Informative login / register dialogs

In Drupal it is up to you, the admin to write these.

> Logged in:
>   http://lussumo.com/community/signin.php
>   guest:guest
> * switchable small / big textarea (but ihmo it should work vice versa,
> small -> big)

A bad thing, IMO. A textfield shuold be as big as is best for its use? . Users 
must never be bothered with stuff like "resizing areas" etc. IMO. But there 
are bookmaklets (you can hardcode them in your help text with textareas) that 
allow resizing. http://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/forms.html

> * ajax-based (un)bookmarking
> * ajax-based (un)blocking topics (taxonomy)

See bookmark.module

> * navigation history block

We have all the data available. You can add this as a php block or as a block 
to tracker.module. Should be simple to make.

> * search history block
Idem. We have this. Is easy to make into a php block.

In a nutshell: Drupal can do all this. 

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