[drupal-devel] Drupal performance testing

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Fri Aug 19 05:10:14 UTC 2005

On 19 Aug 2005, at 04:23, Moshe Weitzman wrote:
> Drupal's highest performing cache setting is called 'Loose'. Any  
> high traffic site will want this, so i see no reason to test  
> otherwise. At one time, we thought that there must be a bug in its  
> implementation because drupal.org was not experiencing a good cache  
> hit ratio. In the end, I think we saw that some misbehaved crawlers  
> and hosts were slamming the site and requesting many obscure pages  
> not in the cache. One of them was AskJeeves! Lots of discussion  
> starting with this post: http://lists.drupal.org/archives/ 
> infrastructure/2005-05/msg00123.html and conturing into the next  
> month ... This sort of optimization really requires drupal  
> knowledge and not just 'optimization experience.'

The current loose caching scheme doesn't work for drupal.org, where  
lots of nodes/comments get posted.  I modified drupal.org's  
cache_clear_all() function to ignore 19 out of 20 cache flushes.   
Without that hack, drupal.org would be have fallen over already.   
That is, loose caching still needs to be looked at.

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