[drupal-devel] no ?> needed at the end of modules

Thomas Ilsche ThomasIlsche at gmx.de
Sat Aug 20 00:01:38 UTC 2005

> Like the E_NOTICE issue, the answer is to do things the "right way", because
> in the end that makes for cleaner and more maintainable code.  Encouraging
> non-tight code is a bad practice.

I think this is different from E_NOTICE - for me the answer is easy.
Add a comment at the end of each file like

/* php end tag omited to avoid whitespace */

I consider repsecting E_NOTICE way more important because this is a
real functional issue, but thats probably off topic here.

However for the most files I think it should not be a problem to get
rid of them. And most editors I know even remove the end whitespace
automatically, maybe optinal. Or do not care but show.


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