[drupal-devel] [bug] node_get_module_name fails for multi-type modules

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Tue Aug 23 01:26:06 UTC 2005

> I seem to remember Dries introducing a hack into Drupal.org to handle a  
> bug with submitting issues lately, whereproject_issue" was becoming  
> "project".

node_get_module_name is supposed to return the name of the module that  
defines the node type of the given node. This was not so in previous  
Drupals. Instead of this, it returned everything before the first dash, if  
there was no dash, it returned the whole node type. As the docs says "to  
prevent namespace conflicts, each node type defined by a module should be  
prefixed by the name of the module and a dash." this behaviour should be  
correct and works with, for example, flexinode well. But project module  
used underscore instead of a dash. This is the bug actually with which  
node_get_module_name was unable to cope. So project_issue was returned as  
module name instead of project. But now node_get_module_name is refactored  
to be what its description says.

So, node_get_module_name ('project_issue') is by definition 'project', in  
the old version it returned 'project_issue" but that's not a bug it's just  
not "solid" code (ie it can not cope well with buggy data thrown at it).  
The mere usage of 'project_issue' in itself is a bug.

All that being said, I can only hope that this will help those with  
knowledge of project module to come to a real fix. For example, moving  
issue.inc to a full-fledged project_issue.module for which 'project_issue'  
is a proper node type name...

Another question arises: how well other Drupal core functions can handle  
garbage thrown at them? The other day quuxo pointed me out that if there  
is an entity in a permission name, then things won't work. I looked at  
user_admin_perm() and found that's true 'cos permission names are not  
collected before storage from modules but are used from $edit and there it  
is decoded by the browser. OK, this is just another very minor bug but  
somewhat I feel a rhyme in these two. Have anyone tried to shower insanse,  
non-API abiding, whatever data to poor Drupal functions?



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