[drupal-devel] CiviCRM - Updated v1.1 Beta Demo and Downloads Available

Dave Greenberg dggreenberg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 03:20:09 UTC 2005

The CiviCRM team is happy to announce availability of an updated
CiviCRM 1.1 Beta. This  codebase has now been through our internal QA
cycle and subsequent review and testing  by our active community
members in a variety of servers environments.

We encourage interested CivicSpace and Drupal folks to:
** Try out our public demo 'sandbox' at :


** Download and install the release, and try it out in your own
environment. Grab the tarball file  for php4 or php5 depending on
which you are running:

For those of you who checked out our 1.0 Beta release, you'll find
that 1.1 includes lots of exciting new features and improvements,
ranging from integrated geo-location and mapping support via the new
Google Maps API, to smart groups and the CiviCRM Profile features.

Most recently we've added support for the "Public User Pages and
Listings" concept (modeled after the corresponding Drupal Profile
functionality). Check out the demo site examples to get an idea of the
Profile Configuration:

Sample Listing Page Based on a Profile Value (contacts in California):

Check out our v1.1 wiki page for a full list of new features:

By the way, we now have full support for most flavors of BOTH PHP 4.3 
and PHP 5,
as well as  MySQL 4.0 and 4.1.

This beta release still requires manual installation. We have created
detailed installation documentation - which has now been test-driven
by several members of the community - and should enable moderately
technical folks to get through the installation succesfully.

If you'd rather wait for an automated installer - the upcoming 0.8.2
CivicSpace installer will install CiviCRM 1.1 and should be available

If you have already installed a prior 1.1 snapshot - you will need to
rebuild your SQL database tables as there have been some schema

Bugs should be entered into our bug-tracking system. You can check if
a bug has already been reported here as well:

We strongly encourage you to register with the bug-tracking system
(rather than submitting anonymous bugs) - so we can contact you if 
needed about your issue.

We hope you find the new version to be exciting and useful - and look
forward to hearing your feedback.

Best Regards,
Dave Greenberg for the CiviCRM team

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