[drupal-devel] jsbug module

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Sun Aug 28 02:03:57 UTC 2005


I have been experimenting with the new js stuff in drupal and using them
for some clients where I can see it will make a difference. I have
however found a few bugs and to make life a little easier I have created
a small module which can be used to demonstrate these bugs in a standard
drupal environment which should make things easier for someone to fix.

If there are any other js bugs that people know about then please let me
know and I will include them into this module to make it easier to fix
the js bugs.

At the moment there is only one bug outstanding with I have just created
an issue for ( http://drupal.org/node/29839 ) which is that under IE a
select list will show through the dropdown list.

The second is a solved bug but I included it so it can be easily tested
on older cvs versions to prove it is fixed.

I hope this helps.

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