[development] views module

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Fri Dec 2 17:25:10 UTC 2005

vlado wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 08:45 -0800, Earl Miles wrote:
>>vlado wrote:
>>>>I should also mention that vlado has been talking of doing another  
>>>>listings api (for relations)
>>>mmm, it's kind of done actually. It is part of the relations effort I'm putting in,
>>>I just needed something to test the messed up stuff I got into :)
>>>It is probably computationally more heavy-weight than the views module,
>>>but it goes far further, although after having a brief look on the code,
>>>we came up with some similar ideas. Which is good.
>>I'm very interested in whether or not the relations module and the views module 
>>can work together to accomplish what you want. Because the views module has an 
>>API that lets other modules expose tables, this is important.
> This is the base common idea I was talking about. the relations stuff I'm writing is
> heavier that yours, since I'm trying to make a (nearly) catch all query
> generator. Where the relations as in A relates to B is just one of the
> possible outcomes. There is a lot of similarities in the code, from what
> I gather. 
> The current code at the moment can be seen at:
>    http://www.mec.cf.ac.uk/¬vlado/relations.module
> The code it is somewhat documented. It needs external documentation to
> explain why I am doing this exactly this way.
> You can find the status and the PLAN at
>  http://dikini.net/30.11.2005/relations_battle_plan_ii_and_first_results
>>Also, Robert Douglass contacted me recently about a relations module he is 
>>writing as well. I think he's writing his for largely the same reason I'm 
>>writing views: There is a need and impatience rules out. =)
> Same reason here. I would love to concentrate the efforts with more
> people. The end result will be better. I hope :)
> I have uploaded the relations module to bryght's svn. I don't mind
> doing this in drupal's cvs, but cvs is awkward with moving directories,
> and this one is of sandbox quality at the moment.
> Please, let's do this together. It will be faster and better. 

Those are some interesting, very high level concepts. I can see where views and 
relations are vaguely parallel but not exactly the same thing.

The query builder I have is currently more advanced than yours. If you look at 
just that object, do you think it can do everything you need the relations 
module to do to build the queries you'll need?

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