[development] views module

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Fri Dec 2 22:26:55 UTC 2005

>> Also, Robert Douglass contacted me recently about a relations module he is 
>> writing as well. I think he's writing his for largely the same reason I'm 
>> writing views: There is a need and impatience rules out. =)
> Same reason here. I would love to concentrate the efforts with more
> people. The end result will be better. I hope :)
> I have uploaded the relations module to bryght's svn. I don't mind
> doing this in drupal's cvs, but cvs is awkward with moving directories,
> and this one is of sandbox quality at the moment.
> Please, let's do this together. It will be faster and better. 
> Vlado

Just to explain -- my needs are somewhat different than what Vlado is 
working on, and for a project that had to go out the door yesterday. My 
work won't make his redundant. Plus I need to work these things out in 
my own mind first before I can really judge and contribute to the work 
of others. I'm watching your project Vlado, and am really glad you're 
working on it.


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