[development] Administration user experience survey: priorities and actions

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri Dec 2 22:06:33 UTC 2005

Hi, the survey[1] ran for 31 days and we collected almost 900  
responses.  I'll put together a formal summary of the results and  
post on Drupal.org.

Summary of administration problems
Drupal is missing an overview of the site for administrators.  We  
need to allow administrators to visualize and deliver a cohesive,  
compelling, and highly dynamic user experience to their end users.
TODO: Create a Drupal Dashboard. Focus on tasks with textual  
explanations and provide administrators information about activities  
on their site

Top administration tasks
1. Administer content such as comments-83% of respondents
ACTION:  Jeremy Andrews, for CivicSpace Labs(CSL), has a multiple  
comment patch to make administering comments easier.
2. Install new modules and learn new features- 83% respondents
ACTION: Wrote 81 administration help handbook pages for Drupal  
Handbook : CSL and the Drupal Docs team
ACTION: Committed administration help for 31 modules in Drupal core  
and dozens of contributed modules.  CSL.
ACTION: Developed project module to allow categorization of modules  
on Drupal.org
ACTION: Developed project module to report to Drupal.org what modules  
are being used and infrastructure to identify if modules have updates 
(security review pending).
TODO: Card sort contributed modules

Difficult administration tasks
1. Manage inconsistency in themes- http://drupal.org/node/37156
ACTION: Wrote managing inconsistencies in theme with community
ACTION: Conducted 6 theme developer interviews to identify theme  
development tasks for Drupal theme help documentation
ACTION: Launched Drupal theme mailing list, and launched #drupal-themes

2. Find pages that are deeply linked:
TODO: Change content type administration to be 3 links deep, not 4

3. Configure blocks for roles
TODO: Configure blocks for roles

4. Understand Drupal terminology and synonyms- Need to do study
TODO: Conduct survey of CMS standard terminology and user  
expectations of terminology

5. Update site to a new version of Drupal
ACTION: Added UPGRADE.txt with basic instructions
ACTION: Ported CivicSpace upgrade instructions to http://drupal.org/ 

6. Compare Drupal files
ACTION: Developed project module infrastructure to send messages  
potentially including module version information and updates.

7. Administer categories with the taxonomy module
TODO: Interview users about taxonomy

8. Order and organize content.
TODO: Interview users about how to order and organize content
TODO: Categorize modules that order and organize content

9. Administer structure of content.
TODO: Research capabilities for modifying structure of content

10. Administer Menu's
ACTION: Assigned Richard Archer menu maintainer
TODO: Card sort default Drupal menu items
TODO: Separate administration menu from navigation menu to be more  
situationally relevant
TODO: Remove or make optional user name label for navigation menu

11. Administer site navigation
TODO: Research capabilities for global, local, contextual, and  
situational navigation

1. http://www.surveymonkey.com/DisplaySummary.asp? 
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