[development] Long database updates

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Sat Dec 3 05:15:49 UTC 2005

Occasionally we need a database update which iterated over each node 
individually. Since these are a least O(n) operations, we can't trust 
them to be fast because Drupal runs some big sites. At the same time we 
can't rely on our ability to change PHP's timeout since safe mode might 
be on. We don't want to take a long time to do the update without 
sending feedback to the user since the server churning away looks the 
same as the server hanging.

We have two long updates. The forthcoming revisions update promises to 
be a resource hog. Update 124 needs to iterate every comment.

The way to handle these long updates is to use db_query_range() for the 
initial SELECT for the list of nodes or comments to be processed. This 
prevents long updates from running too long in one request.

A quick primer on how update.php will work in the near future [1]:
1. Once the version selection form is submitted a list of every 
hook_update_N() which needs to be called is compiled and stored as an 
array in the session.
2. The first update progress page is served. With JavaScript-capable 
browsers this is an AJAX progress bar. Otherwise, it is a page with a 
3. The update progress pages are now requested automatically from 
JavaScript or meta-refresh. The array of functions to be called is 
treated as a queue. A functions are dequeued and run until the time 
limit of 1 second is reached. The time limit is so low to provide plenty 
of user feedback.
4. Once the queue is empty, the browser is redirected to the finished page.

The current $from argument would be stored by update.php in the session 
with the queue if a long update does not finish. The function would be 
left at the top of the queue until done.

I see this patch as something to be written separately this weekend once 
the current update.php patch [1] is applied.

[1] See the patch at http://drupal.org/node/35924.

Neil Drumm

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