[development] Module that does a read receipt type thing

Steven Peck speck at blkmtn.org
Mon Dec 5 09:38:25 UTC 2005

The problem with email is that it is connectionless information.  It goes out best effert delivery, no garuntee at all.  There is no point to point in common usage unless it;s completely internal and even then there are caveats.  If you mean the 'read recipt' option common to set in many modern email clients, that is less then useful as many basic mail gateway systems strip that part out of all incoming messages as part of ongoing anti-spam efforts (I know we do where I work and many others as well).  So email in and of itself is not a good way to check unless you control every aspect of the mail system.  Even if you do, you still can't 'prove' a person read an email soooo..... unless you have the account and a spot flipped in the database where a person logged in and acknolowedges reading something, email alone won;t carry weight in court.
I have to deal with this question all the time at work.   My normal statement is;  "If you can't trust your employees to do their jobs, get new ones you can trust."  :)


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It works like a charm

On Dec 04 2005, at 06:36, Simon Lindsay wrote:

> Hi All,
> Just wondering if anyone knows of/has made a module that would 
> force a user to view/read a node and/or attached pdf bulletins 
> before letting them continue.
> For legal reasons, a client has to do everything possible to get 
> staff to read these bulletins when they come in.
> Any ideas on a way to do it other than write a nodeapi module?
> Simon

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