[bayes][bcc][faked-from] Re: [development] Scratching an itch: Machine Learning

vlado vlado at dikini.net
Tue Dec 6 15:51:43 UTC 2005

> I hope to go from "I have an itch" to "I have a
> concrete task on which to concentrate" soon. If anyone has suggestions, I'm
> all ears.
aggregator add-on - feed item classification:
 The problem - you have chunks of text, some feeds provide tags, you
want that filtered and mapped to your own website

This screams for an AI based approach. It is text classification, very
regular stream of very small text chunks. Pre-classified. What learning
methods can be used? SOM/WebSOM - maybe, but too static, Bayesian
learners, LVQ and other vector space methods, .... You can have a lot
of different models and scenarios to play with, and a tons of data -
just hook to technorati, drupal.org/planet, icerocket, .... choose your

You can play with both supervised aqnd unsupervised learning algorithms
- there is space for both kinds here.

Actually, search has improved it's data model in HEAD. You might want to
have a look at that. The data from the search table can be be used
without conversion with most of the learning algorithms in the
literature out there.

Wide open, and best of all this is really needed.


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