[development] inline files. last desparate attempt.

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Thu Dec 8 14:43:14 UTC 2005

On 12/8/05 6:56 AM, Ber Kessels wrote:
> Op donderdag 8 december 2005 10:16, schreef Stefan:
>> robrechtj, if your on this list it would be quite awesome if you can  
>> do something with the current imageapi. I tested your image.module  
>> (sandboxed version) and it's quite amazing! The possibilities are  
>> endless..
> I am behind this one too. I really like Robrechts Image module. 
> But..... 
> We really need to make a few important decisions first:
> * An image in any node OR
> * An image-node-type
> * Placement of images is automatically (nodeapi + theme) OR
> * People can place images anywhere in a node (tokens / html / filter)
> I am personallyreally in favour of: an image in any node + automatically 
> placed images. Tho other options, IMO are complex and should live best in 
> contribs.
> Which would rule out image.module as it is now. And It would rule out 
> inline.module/image-assist etc. It would mean that we need to add a tiny bit 
> of code to upload.module, rahter then include a new module.

I've already stated to the both of you (Ber and Stefan) that I'm looking 
to incorporate a fair bit of Robrecht's work into 4.7's image.module ...

I still maintain that there is room for both. While I think core is 
better served by image in any node... there are those (photographers and 
the like) who (I think) will always want an image node as well (until 
images become CCK field types sometime in 2010).

So, Ber... in your "image in any node" and "automatically placed images" 
scenario (which I agree is probably ideal for core - and yes, could be 
done best by extending upload.module):

do uploaded images get derivatives (thumbnails & various sizes) 
generated? If so, is that configured globally for upload.module, per 
node type, etc...

Also - which derivative is automatically placed? (or do we just say... 
stick a thumbnail in the body, that links to the full-size image?)

I'm willing to work on this: i.e. I think we move the image derivative 
building stuff to core's image.inc ... and patch upload (I'll update 
image.module - for image as nodes) to reflect this.

Does that sound like a plan?
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