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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Dec 9 09:41:49 UTC 2005

On 9-Dec-05, at 12:41 AM, Sebastian wrote:

> Ber Kessels wrote:
>> I think it is important to know the audience and use. * Images as  
>> node == for galleries. 99% for photo's. * Images in any node ==  
>> blogs, news, articles, manuals. Not nessecarily photo's, most just  
>> for "spice". Blogs, news, forum posts don't need power of  
>> placement of inline images (aka handled trough the theme) while  
>> manuals and articles will need this.

Ber, you are making broad sweeping statements which are frankly  
wrong. YOU may not "need power of placement"....but many, many others  

>> We should consider to include both in core, with a clear line  
>> between them, and re-use of code.

> Frankly I feel all images should be a node. Even if an image is  
> included in a content node just for spice or illustration, very  
> likely these images could be thumbnails that link to a larger  
> version. Same story if I include a true photo in a content node, it  
> will most likely also be a thumbnail linking to the full image node.

+1...although I didn't completely agree with "just use taxonomy" so I  
snipped that part. We need good image management, a way of  
designating "site images" (i.e. having a node-like page/URL for  
something like logos which don't display in galleries). File  
attachments are the wrong way to go about this, as having an image  
attached to a particular node immediately has issues with re-use of  
that image.

Goals first, implementation second. We have a good set of image  
handling code, what we need now is good image management and placement.

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