[development] image node type

Egon Bianchet egon.bianchet at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 13:03:13 UTC 2005

Il giorno ven, 09/12/2005 alle 01.41 -0800, Boris Mann ha scritto: 
> On 9-Dec-05, at 12:41 AM, Sebastian wrote:
> +1...although I didn't completely agree with "just use taxonomy" so I  
> snipped that part. We need good image management, a way of  
> designating "site images" (i.e. having a node-like page/URL for  
> something like logos which don't display in galleries). 

Can't this be done with taxonomy and more flexible permissions (like
taxonomy access control, I guess)?

It would be nice to be able to create mini-galleries attached to nodes,
like on wired.com, maybe embedded in a sort of a block and ajax powered.
This could be useful also for documents like manuals (ie: list of

Placement inside the document could then be done with custom tags and
TinyMCE (or FCK) special buttons.

Egon Bianchet <egon.bianchet at gmail.com>

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