[development] image node type

Ber Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Dec 10 10:08:24 UTC 2005

On Fri, December 9, 2005 10:41, Boris Mann wrote:
>>> I think it is important to know the audience and use. * Images as
>>> node == for galleries. 99% for photo's. * Images in any node ==
>>> blogs, news, articles, manuals. Not nessecarily photo's, most just
>>> for "spice". Blogs, news, forum posts don't need power of
>>> placement of inline images (aka handled trough the theme) while
>>> manuals and articles will need this.
> Ber, you are making broad sweeping statements which are frankly
> wrong. YOU may not "need power of placement"....but many, many others
> will.

Everytime this discussion came up I have asked people to prove my wrong.
so far, no one has pointed me to a single professional site where images
and / or media is placed all freely in pages. Nor to a book or document
that explains how images and medai must be placed or why it should be
placed freely. I have, however read numerous articles and books on why
free placement is a bad thing. and why consistency and simplicity (aka not
overwhelmin people with interface things to place media) is a good thing

I agree, and know from experience that people always have one or two pages
on a website where they (want to freak out) with layout.
I have clients who swear they really need wysiwywfu things. Thos are the
pages that I dont even dare to mention in my portfolio, for indeed they do
FU the site completely.

And I agree with the fact that al people *think* they need to place images
freely. But the funny thing is, that (and that indeed is sweeping broadly)
that people use the freedom to place images, to..... place images in the
same location. Except for those cases where thye FU everything :)

So, yes, we definately need to keep the option to let people place media
anywhere. And yes, that needs to hook into WYSIWYWFU interfaces.
But, no, this is not as badly needed as Simple Inline Media Handling. We
need both, we need the flexibility, but IMHO an automatic-no-clutter
solution should be the default. In core.


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