[development] image node type

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Fri Dec 9 17:16:10 UTC 2005

On 12/9/05 12:06 PM, Jeff Eaton wrote:
>> but then... there's upload.module....
> Here's my highly opinionated contribution to the discussion.
> 1) All downloadable files should be nodes.

I like this... it certainly gets us away from the modules fighting over 
{files} too..

> 2) Whether upload.module, file.module, or hooha.module does this is
>    a side issue as long as ONE centralized module does it.

+1 for hooha.module though

> 3) Attaching a file to another node should involve:
>    a) selecting an exsting file node, or
>    b) uploading a file during node edit/create, which would be saved as
> a dedicated file node.


> 4) Inlining an image or a link to a file should be done using tokens.

ahhhhh.... well. maybe. the thing is if I've got a list of 'related' or 
'attached' file nodes - i could just jam them in (via a themeable 
nodeapi('view') call)... which requires no funny tokens or syntax from 
the user.

*or* we have a great filter module with several available markup languages

*or* we have the WYSIWYG camp.

> I might be wrong. As I wrote it out, I thought of better ways to do it.
> But it's one way that it could work that would be consistent and would
> make sense. 

and will make oh, 30% of folks happy. :P
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