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Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Sat Dec 10 12:34:34 UTC 2005

On 10 Dec 2005, at 2:24 AM, Earl Miles wrote:
>> Not necessarily.
>> Remember that each node has multiple views.
>> ie: summary view, list view etc.
>> I'm going to be working on getting views in drupal more flexible  
>> and  visible soon.
> You mean like my Views module?

Kind of. Will probably end up using code from that.  But this is an  
extension on the
forms api.

The form is just one of the views of the 'object'. Every 'object' has  
a 'view' view, but can
have additional views. Instead of definining the form elements  
specifically, you define
generic 'elements' that the object has, and they render differently  
based on what view
you are in. Each view also has the opportunity to alter the  
properties of the elements
if it so wishes (including adding more structure), and each view gets  
the form api's themeing flexibility.

Essentially the model view controller pattern. with some added AOP  
magic sprinkled in.

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