[development] image node type

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Sat Dec 10 03:02:01 UTC 2005

Regarding pictures and albums, here is something that is feedback from
a client project:

A client wanted to create a showcase portal type of site. Users would
be able to create and account, and then they will have a custom page.
The custom page would list all "objects" they like to showcase that
they have create, each "object" would contain a description, as well
as a main picture. Each picture would be a link to an album/gallery
that has more pictures for each object.

In essence, this is a multi level one to many relationship:

user -> object -> album -> picture.

When evaluating this project, Drupal had the building blocks, but the
glue was missing.

The image node was there, but to get non-technical people to use
img_assist or inline is too much, since creating an object was a
lengthy and multi step process, without a wizard to help.

Moreover, the premissions model did not allow albums to have owners,
and users not inserting/deleting in other people's albums.

So, an image as a node is a good thing, but we need better ways to
embed/link/include images in other nodes, and also have a multi level

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