[bayes][bcc][faked-from] RE: [development] image node type

Mark Fredrickson mfredrickson at ppmns.org
Fri Dec 9 20:01:17 UTC 2005

A thought just occurred to me regarding the image/file is or is not a node

What about dividing them not by how they are used but by how they are
structured. Specifically, I would prefer to see text nodes and binary nodes.

The reason I suggest this is to make it possible to search text files that I
upload. Also, Drupal could contain a RCS where it stores the diffs of files.
("Forget bzr, SVN, cvs: Drupal is my RCS!") In a really perfect world,
modules could strip the text from complicated text files (say a PDF) and
combine a binary and text node to create a searchable file node.

Of course, this functionality would be implemented in a contrib module, but
the underlying text vs. binary API should be in core.


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