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Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sat Dec 10 18:19:26 UTC 2005

And now a word from one of the little people... :-)

I have to largely agree with Ber here.  A node is a "piece of stuff to which 
we can do things".  We can organize them (taxonomy), we can restrict access 
to them (hook_per(), node_access_by_role, lots of others), what we can't 
easily do yet is link to them.  But we should leverage that existing 
organizational power as much as possible.  

Really, what is a photo gallery but a bunch of "image stuff"s categorized 
(taxonomy) in some user-defined way?  What is a music collection but a bunch 
of "audio stuff"s with extra metadata (taxonomy or tagging or whatever)?  

As I mentioned above, what's really missing is a way for nodes to relate to 
each other.  Drupal is great at collecting nodes, not so great at tying them 
together nicely.  <insert relationship module(s) here>

(What follows is me thinking aloud.  If it ends up being dumb, that's what 
I'll blame. <g>)

I think some of this needs to be pushed down into the node module itself.  For 
instance, hook_view() currently has only two "modes": teaser and not.  If a 
node could define additional view modes, then an image node could specify 
"fullsize", "thumbnail", "resize1", "handheld-optimized", or whatnot.  Then 
it could be accessed with:


etc.  It would simply return the proper image, as mimetype image/whatever.  A 
textual node could link to it as <img src="node/123/thumbnail" />, and all is 
well.  That also allows all the existing permission restrictions to be 

That textual node, then, could have viewtypes of normal (default), teaser, 
print, etc.  

Problem: I'm not sure how that would work with custom paths (url_alias).  Hm, 
maybe that's not such a great idea.

<goes back to watching the busy people debate>

On Saturday 10 December 2005 02:53 am, Bèr Kessels wrote:
> This is a point of endless discussion in Drupal.
> In myworld a node  is a "thing" where all sorts of data meet. The node
> is nothing more then an entity to bind that data and make it a "thing".
> Unfortunately, in Drupal nodes are only used for content. For posts, to
> be more precisely. So over time drupaleers tend to think about a node as
> a post. Rather then the much more powerfull abstract "thing"it actually
> is.
> So, in this a file would be nothing more then a "thing" of type
> "document", "image" etc.
> Ber
> On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 12:43:34PM -0500, Rowan Kerr wrote:
> > A brief thought:
> > You could keep "nodes" and "files" separate...
> >
> > Where nodes are any kind of actual content that is typed into the site
> > And files are anything that is uploaded by the user
> >
> > Then you'd have node types and file types.. that could decide just
> > how to display different things.
> >
> > nodes would be stuff like: blog, page, article, book page, etc...
> > files would be stuff like: document, image, spreadsheet, movie, audio...
> >
> > Because files that are uploaded, I would not really expect should be
> > given a normal title, body, published/unpublished, etc... that nodes
> > (actual _content_) would have. Really, node's don't have a filename,
> > file size, mime type, filesystem path, etc...
> >
> > Then you get into more of a document management system where
> > things are clearly defined instead of combining content and external
> > files under one container.
> >
> > -Rowan

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