[development] forms/node API

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sun Dec 11 08:31:28 UTC 2005

> I accept and believe what you're saying. For the sake of my greater
> understanding, though, can you point me to the specific module and
> function to look at, so I can see it in the code? Again, I do believe
> you...but I want to seize the "learning moment", as it were. :-) I did
> a search on "POST" in node.module and form.inc, but wasn't sure which
> of the occurrences was "the one" where the anomaly happened.

It's in form_builder but that function especially this part of the  
function needs a very good understanding of forms, especially that forms  
are trees.

With that said, read the form.inc code from $edit = $posted ?  
$_POST['edit'] : array();

Here is a deal for Scott or anyone: come to IRC/MSN/Skype (for the  
MSN/Skype handler, mail me in private), type your questions which you  
think are missing from the form API docs, I answer them and in return you  
enhance the docs.



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