[development] Generating schemas (was no DROP TABLE in sql files)

Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Mon Dec 12 18:58:30 UTC 2005

On 12 Dec 2005, at 8:34 PM, Robert Douglass wrote:

> Adrian, what you described, along with the field type concept in  
> CCK, makes for a nice CCK 2.0 where the actual data can be  
> normalized. Add to this a great AJAX in-browser graphical schema  
> editor, relations and your views proposal, and we're getting pretty  
> darn close to the system I've been hoping Drupal would become :-)
Yeah =)

I also think it might be useful for keeping different content tables  
for each supported language (perhaps).

who needs rails when you have drupal 5.0 =)

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