[development] Yahoo!

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Mon Dec 12 21:32:06 UTC 2005

Earl Dunovant wrote:

>They modified the code to run under FastCGI. This is a chunk of the
>announcement from the MT developer's list:
>This should be a particularly attractive option for ProNet members who
>need to launch sites for clients that want to get up and running with
>MT in a hurry: You just sign up and go, and there's no installation
>required. Plus, a bunch of popular plugins (such as BigPAPI,
>StyleCatcher and a WYSIWYG editor) are included in the install.
>>We'll also talk more later this week about the work we've done with Yahoo to help them run Movable Type under FastCGI. As those of you who've experimented with FastCGI know, this means MT runs a **lot** faster, with our benchmarks consistently showing improvements of up to 150%.

150% faster compared to what setup? CGI? Big surprise....

But it is nice to see fast-cgi getting some attention. Drupal does not 
need any modifications to run under fast-cgi and does so very well. In 
fact I recommend to use fast-cgi due to performance issues compared to 
cgi and due to security concerns compared to mod_php.

IMO, one of the reasons for not chosing Drupal for such a setup would be 
the admin/modules page which will gobble up all your memory if you have 
a lot of modules.


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