[development] Re: proposal for theming nodes

Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 01:34:14 UTC 2005

++ for Ber on this one.

We're building a large site demo right now that takes auitomated news feeds.

We're dumping stories into nodes, and related media into Flexinodes that
have pointers back to their parent nodes (not perfect, but a fast hack to
prove a demo point),

In practice, this will give us "extras" related to a node body that we can
place wherever we want in our theme (which, btw, may happen to be in a Flash

Both $node and $profile have problems when non-core modules start inserting
objects into the output outsde the "obvious" control of themers and
hack-level coders (like me).  I think this line of thinking addresses that.

(PS: When I get done with deadline hell, I promise to bang on 4.7!)
Ken Rickard
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