[development] proposal for theming nodes

Syscrusher scott at 4th.com
Thu Dec 15 02:07:16 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 14 December 2005 20:50, andre wrote:
> You have my vote -  I like it.  Its clear clean simple and flexible.


> One question $node-body will get an implied weight of zero

Yes, but I was not planning to actually put $node->body into the new
array. A lot of existing code, both core and contrib, relies on $node->body

> - I assume  
> that anything else with a weight of zero is still heavier than body of zero.

Actually, I'd planned to do it the other way, based on the assumption that
existing contributed modules tend, as a rule, to append rather than
prepending. If there's a concensus that it should be as you describe, though,
this is a negotiable point.

Also, Darrel O'Pry wrote:
> I would still like this modification to remain light, and I don't think
> it needs to implement a new hook, just some massaging of the existing
> theme code, and a UI..

I think I agree with this, but need to take a more detailed look at the code.
The UI for designing things is beyond the scope of what I have time to do right
now. I was just planning to provide the framework for node.module to handle
the extra content.


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