Please. Hold on for a second. (was Re: [development] proposal for theming nodes)

Liza Sabater blogdiva at
Thu Dec 15 16:29:08 UTC 2005

On Dec 15 2005, at 05:50, Adrian Rossouw wrote:

> Now before you guys go off an re-invent the world, please realise  
> that the forms api
> already solves all these problems you guys are trying to solve.  
> Indeed, it was built to
> do output, and it is already in core.

But, to bring it down to earth a bit and get back to THEMES : Why  
should we wait for 4.7 ? What of the many sites that will NOT be  
upgraded to 4.7? Is there a way to go back to what is ALREADY created  
and ask module developers to clean what is there based on theme  
parameters that y'all can agree on? Why can't we ask of developers to  
do something as simple as going back to their modules and setting DIV  

Not shouting, btw, just using caps to highlight.

Liza Sabater, Publisher

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