Please. Hold on for a second. (was Re: [development] proposal for theming nodes)

Chris Johnson chris at
Thu Dec 15 18:31:49 UTC 2005

Liza Sabater wrote:

> upgraded to 4.7? Is there a way to go back to what is ALREADY created  
> and ask module developers to clean what is there based on theme  
> parameters that y'all can agree on? Why can't we ask of developers to  
> do something as simple as going back to their modules and setting DIV  

Why yes, you can ask module developers to enhance their previous release (4.6, 
4.5, etc.) modules.  And if you and some others do the same, then it would be 
"we" and it might or might not happen, depending on the time available to the 
developer and his or her inclinations.

So, by all means, ask!

No promises, though.  :-)


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