[development] Forwarded mail....

salvador at progressivetrail.org salvador at progressivetrail.org
Thu Dec 15 18:40:46 UTC 2005

I sent this to support, and was asked to forward it here.

I'd like to modify filter.module so that '<br />' are not inserted with 
linebreaks, but the '<p>' insertions are retained.

I had assumed that this was taking place in "function _filter_autop($text)" in 
filter.module, but after removing every preg_replace call that involved '<br 
/>' tags, (e.g., "$chunk = preg_replace('|<br />\s*|', "\n\n", $chunk);") from 
that function, I found that drupal was still inserting the unwanted linebreaks.

Can someone please tell me where this is happening in drupal? I've been 
grepping like crazy trying to find it, but without success.



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