[development] Issues for 4.7 release cycle (wasDrupal 4.7.0 beta2 / rc?)

Greg Knaddison greg.knaddison at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 04:18:48 UTC 2005

On 12/15/05, puregin <puregin at puregin.org> wrote:
> 1) Is there a policy regarding what
> constitutes critical, normal, minor?
> It looks to me like some of the given
> critical issues are not as critical as
> others.
> 2) Would it make sense to go through
> the list of issues and prune them?
> Then we can encourage people to
> look at only issues that are truly critical.
>      I'd be happy to take a crack at 2),
> if someone could answer 1) for me.

I think this is called bug triage, and that is what the meeting on
Saturday is about - of course, fixing bugs follows directly on the
heals of triage and some might argue that /fixing/ bugs is what
Saturday is about - I think it's both.

> 3) Also, a number of critical issues relate
> to versions 4.6 and earlier. How can we
> figure out which of these are relevant to
> the 4.7 release candidates?

Once you have reclassified bugs based upon the user's report, the next
step of triage is to repeat the problem.  Until you can repeat it,
it's not really much of a bug.  Repeating it against 4.7 would be the
first major step on these in my mind.  And for that, we need to have a
fresh install of drupal, repeat the steps described in the bug, and if
you can't repeat it, ask them what modules/modifications they have and
try to enable those items slowly until you get the combination of
modules/modifications that cause the behavior to repeat.

>      If an issue is reported against version
> 4.5, but it also applies to CVS, should
> the version be changed to CVS?  Is these
> some magic that updates issue tagged
> with CVS once a release is tagged?

Dunno - is there an "issues czar" or maybe an "issues task force" that
takes care of these kinds of decisions?


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