[development] New Ecommerce Package Maintainer

Apartment Lines chad at apartmentlines.com
Sun Dec 18 17:13:40 UTC 2005


i think it might be a real good idea to set up a similar system that we used
for core forms api conversion, so you don't have to manage a gazillion
patches.  i've been working with bzr for a while now to maintain a big core
patch, and i like it a lot.  i've been looking for a good test case to use
it in a small group development situation, and think this might be the
perfect situation.  would you be interested in giving it a whirl?  benefits
would be:

1. way easier for you to manage the submissions from multiple coders
2. more information for the drupal community on the potential usefullness of
bzr as a code management tool

i think jblack would be willing to help us get things set up for this, and i
would be willing to pitch in some conversion help if we went this route.

> > Given the size of the ecommerce code base (comparable in number
> of modules
> > to all of Drupal core), the Forms API upgrade is going to be a
> considerable
> > task.  It would be great if there were a way for users of
> ecommerce to pitch
> > into this effort--either through direct coding or through financial
> > sponsorship.  The payoffs, of course, will be quicker ability
> to use the
> > package in 4.7 plus opening the way for further improvements.
> >
> > Thoughts on how we could organize this?
> I know for 1 thing, that the update to the ecommerce to use the new
> formsapi will take quite a while. I am looking for a few good coders to
> get at least the core complete.
> I am hoping to get the store module done in the next couple of days, to
> hopefully kick start the process.
> Any other ideas will be most welcome.
> Gordon.

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