[development] New Ecommerce Package Maintainer

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Dec 20 16:47:51 UTC 2005

Op dinsdag 20 december 2005 03:26, schreef Gordon Heydon:
> In the next week I am going to create a new task where everyone can
> co-ordinate the development effort, and also create a web site where we
> can test all the changes which will automatically update from CVS every
> x hours.

Doesz anyone have a problem with direct development on the Drupal CVS? 
The only con I see is that this results in a flood of CVS messages. 
Th pros I see: we have the accounts and user management, we have the RSS 
feeds, the issue trackers and the CVS log stuff all in place. We all know 
CVS, we al have our CVS apps (scripts) configured etcetc.

So, does anyone have serious trouble with development directly on drupals 
contrib CVS? does anyone object agains the potential flood of CVS log 

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