[development] Drupal Main Theme page - A Suggestion for Improvements

Trae McCombs occy at occy.net
Tue Dec 20 18:21:41 UTC 2005

Dries, can you +1 this and Robin and myself will implement it.

--- Original email sent to themes at drupal.org ---

Hi all,

If you go to this page: http://drupal.org/support

You will see a variety of information for someone looking for support.
However, if you go to the main Drupal Themes page, you are simply
confronted with a bunch of themes to download.

I suggest we create a Launching page for the Main Themes page too.  We
should have at least the following:

1. Prominent Large Image pointing to the Themes Gallery (Think Drupal
News Letter "Ad" on the front page of Drupal.org)

	Perhaps links to themes hosted elsewhere.
	(offsite from drupal.org)

2. Themes Help area that lists the following links:
   - Basic Themes Help: http://drupal.org/node/39451
   - Manage inconsistancy in themes: http://drupal.org/node/37156

3. IRC Channel
This should simply mention the #drupal-themes irc channel on

4. Mailing list info
Info about this mailing list.

5. Other stuff...


I'm not sure who is the person that would or does have the permissions
to do this.  I would not mind doing it if Dries gave me access to the
site to do it.

Thanks for your time,

Trae "occy" McCombs || http://occy.net/
       Founder - Themes.org // Linux.com
     CivicSpaceLabs - http://civicspacelabs.org/

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