[development] strange inconsistency: 'custom_url_rewrite'

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Dec 26 19:57:27 UTC 2005

Here is wat I wrote:
* There is an odd inconsistency. Its not OO (object oriented) friendly to 
allow only one function. We don't do this anywhere else.
* I cannot **find** the way to achive what I want: mass aliasing of urls based 
on certain dynamic parameters. ('foo' to 12 if foo is the title of term with 
tid 12)

Here is what I asked:
* Am I missing something? Did we deliberately introduce this inconsistency for 
performance reasons? 
* Or for some other reason? 

What I see in that thread only answers part of my problem: 
* yes, its a performance thing. 
* No ,there is no way I can use anythign in that direction to allow rewriting 
of urls. 

So, I get from this, that we will have to live with the inconsistency. And I 
will probably (?) not be able to write a tag - tid mapping module that 
rewrites the urls. Because honestly, a module cannot have that function. 
It /will/ break! It would mean that my module exludes any module that wants 
to do something (remotely) similar. 

An I think it is indeed not i18n specific as my use case very well points out. 
Another use case would be to map /user/CHX to user/12345. Again. This is not 
possible atm. (though this could possibly be stored in the database, IMO its 
a silly and odd overkil)

Oh, and thank you for your friendly answer. ;)

Bèr 'not being able to keep track of all the core threads, because he is not 
undistractableCHX' Kessels.
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