[development] strange inconsistency: 'custom_url_rewrite'

Jose A. Reyero jareyero at wanadoo.es
Mon Dec 26 21:45:31 UTC 2005

Bèr Kessels wrote:

>What I see in that thread only answers part of my problem: 
>* yes, its a performance thing. 
>* No ,there is no way I can use anythign in that direction to allow rewriting 
>of urls. 
>So, I get from this, that we will have to live with the inconsistency. And I 
>will probably (?) not be able to write a tag - tid mapping module that 
>rewrites the urls. Because honestly, a module cannot have that function. 
>It /will/ break! It would mean that my module exludes any module that wants 
>to do something (remotely) similar. 
>An I think it is indeed not i18n specific as my use case very well points out. 
>Another use case would be to map /user/CHX to user/12345. Again. This is not 
>possible atm. (though this could possibly be stored in the database, IMO its 
>a silly and odd overkil)
Hi Ber,

Well, the idea is we needed something to allow url rewriting by a single
module and it is not a hook because of performance reasons. But anyway,
this is not a new thing, it is an updated and more powerful
'config_url_rewrite' function... And it doesnt really make sense to make
it a hook because more than one module using that would clash anyway.

About breaking the site, this doesn't need to happen. I've used some
conditional definition in i18n module, cvs, so the module wont work but
wont break the site either.. And if you want to use that with more than
one module, I suggest having 'custom_url_rewrite' defined in your
settings file, then calling the other modules in order, but it would
need some 'fine tuning' for two modules using it at the same time...

Hope this at least makes sense :-)

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