[development] Re: [infrastructure] Drupal.org should have betterURL aliases

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Tue Dec 27 15:48:20 UTC 2005

> Hence I suggest we ignore the hand-coded urlmapping for now. 
> And focus on this 
> menu-mapping. After that, we can just use our current 
> database mapping 
> (path.module), through this menu mechanism, to handle those 
> few hand-edited 
> paths. Or is there anyone out there, who maintains over a few hundred 
> hand-edited path aliases? and if so, is that because you want 
> to, or because 
> you lack a [book-structure-mapper|taxonomy-mapper|username-mapper] ?

That's a bold statement, but one I've been thinking more and more about
lately. I find that custom URL aliases are only REALLY useful for the
'special' pages like 'about' and 'downloads' and 'colophon' that I want
to add for each site. It's not very difficult to graft that on top of a
rubust algorithmic URL mapping system.

The real key, I think, is making sure that the algorithmic system can be
customized by users who want to map based on a variety of criteria.


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