[development] Re: [infrastructure] Drupal.org should have better URL aliases

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Tue Dec 27 16:21:35 UTC 2005

> This way we need no extra hooks, no extra variables, and no extra  
> memory. Or
> hardly, anyway. While it saves a lot of code.

Erm.  Does that imply that each page should be in the 'menu tree'?

How does the system knows that 'project/foo' is node 42 of type  
project, that 'blog/2005/12/27/hello_world' is node 69 of type blog,  
or that 'about' is node 1 of type page?  And vice versa, that node 42  
is 'project/foo', that node 69 is 'blog/2005/12/27/hello_world' or  
that node 1 is 'about'?

I don't see how we can save hooks, variables, memory and code.  Can  
you provide an example in pseudo-code that clarifies the workflow of  
(i) generating a page with clean URLs and (ii) loading a page based  
on a clean URL?

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