[development] Node options

Allie Micka allie at pajunas.com
Wed Dec 28 20:03:20 UTC 2005

> Dries Buytaert wrote:
>> Actually, I'd like to see us add more per-node settings:
>>  1. Show 'submitted by' link.
>>  2. Show printer-friendly link.
>>  3. Show avatar.
>> (It would help us merge story, page and blog type nodes.)

In the premium module, I added a "premium content" option by  
modifying the default+edit node forms (thank you forms api!).  It's  
relatively simple to do, and it makes for a clean and consistent way  
of maintaining options-like settings.

It's a good reference case, and I'd appreciate feedback.

Allie Micka
pajunas interactive, inc.

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