[development] Node options

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Dec 28 21:02:16 UTC 2005

Dries Buytaert wrote:

>> I've been working on "Allow post options to not be reset" (http:// 
>> drupal.org/node/38451) for awhile now.
>> That patch currently adds a per-node-type setting which controls  
>> what happens to the 5 publishing options (published, promoted, etc)  
>> when a user who doesn't have permission to change those options  
>> edits a node. The options are either reset to the defaults for the  
>> node type (the current behavior) or are left unchanged.
>> There is some need for making this setting per-node, but I'm not  
>> sure if the need is large enough to justify adding that setting to  
>> every node editing screen (sure, it would be hidden by default, but  
>> it is still there).
>> I expect the awkwardness around this to go away when the revisions  
>> system gets a bit more work and workflow is added to core (I think  
>> it will happen). I have various (mostly unfinished) ideas for  
>> changing all of the 5 publishing options. But those are larger  
>> changes that should wait for 4.8.
> Actually, I'd like to see us add more per-node settings:
>  1. Show 'submitted by' link.
>  2. Show printer-friendly link.
>  3. Show avatar.
> (It would help us merge story, page and blog type nodes.)

*Ugh* Why do we need per node settings for this? I think that per 
node-type settings are good enough in 90% of all cases. This will just 
add another annoying select widget of which we already have too many. If 
you are user No. 1 and have enabled a bunch of modules the node/add/foo 
screen needs a myriad of tabs till you finally get to the submit button. 
No thanks. Less is more. Does anybody recall this?


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