[development] Node options

Allie Micka allie at pajunas.com
Wed Dec 28 20:24:20 UTC 2005

On Dec 28, 2005, at 3:02 PM, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
>> Actually, I'd like to see us add more per-node settings:
>>  1. Show 'submitted by' link.
>>  2. Show printer-friendly link.
>>  3. Show avatar.
>> (It would help us merge story, page and blog type nodes.)
> *Ugh* Why do we need per node settings for this? I think that per  
> node-type settings are good enough in 90% of all cases. This will  
> just add another annoying select widget of which we already have  
> too many. If you are user No. 1 and have enabled a bunch of modules  
> the node/add/foo screen needs a myriad of tabs till you finally get  
> to the submit button. No thanks. Less is more. Does anybody recall  
> this?

That's a per-option discussion, but being able to use the options  
section generically is handy.  It actually reduces clutter by  
consolidating options in one place.  Or it hides it entirely from non- 
node-admin users.

I happen to be storing my option in a separate table, which is  
already expensive because it adds another query to the load  
operation.  Node-level options abstracted from the node table may  
help overall.

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