[drupal-devel] Bug#293120: drupal 4.5.2-1 causes: Table 'drupal.users_roles' doesn't exist

Hilko Bengen bengen at debian.org
Tue Feb 1 09:53:08 UTC 2005

James Clark <jamesc at bofh.co.nz> writes:

> Fatal error: Table 'drupal.users_roles' doesn't exist query: SELECT r.rid,
> r.name FROM role r INNER JOIN users_roles ur ON ur.rid = r.rid WHERE
> ur.uid = 1 in /usr/share/drupal/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 125

Unfortunately, you didn't tell me from which version you upgraded.
It looks as if the database upgrade procedure hadn't been run. You can
still run it manually.


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