[drupal-devel] [task] Core image handling

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at Frontaal-Online.com
Tue Feb 1 11:43:08 UTC 2005

Bèr Kessels schreef:

>Op dinsdag 1 februari 2005 10:41, schreef Anonymous:
>>Is it really neccessary to include the image.inc file for each page
>>view? We already include too much stuff. Gerhard
>This was reason #1 for my complaint about YAPS (yet another plugin system). I 
>foresee more and more problems when introducing it, perfoormance being one. 
>And you might know that I really *hate* per-case solutions. I beleive in 
>global, standardised solutions. Anything else is a hack IMHO. 
>So again: Can we not think (i.e. discuss, not code) better solutions for this 
>image.inc and its private plugins? Please? Iwhat we have now is better than 
>nothing, bu8 it introduces a lot of complex, nonstandard stuff. If we 
>continue like this, we *will* lose Drupals best feature: being clean. 
>Examples of non-clean parts are: flexinodes plugins, e-coms private plugin 
>system, locale.module private code splitting, and now image private plugin 
>system. I foresee serious problems, and therefore plead for some thoughts and 
>discussions before action.
> Bèr
As you all know I'm a big fan of consistency. Whatever it's code, GUI's 
or something else, it _should_  at all times /be/ consistent, because 
being that either improves usability..
IMO - and to a lot of *real* usability experts - a consistent design, is 
the most important thing you can have.  So, the line between consistent 
GUI's & code is nearly related to usability.

That said, i don't think it should be a showstopper for the image-api to 
get in 4.6. Or maybe, if Dries wan't to give some extra time for the 
image-api inclusion we can fix some affordable method of putting it in.

Why I don't think this should be a showstopper is that we already have 
inconsistent GUI, we have inconsistent code, and at this point I think 
the feature addition does justify the extra inconsistency.
Please, don't get me wrong: I'm not saying drupal is bad, but i'm saying 
that drupal isn't at the usability level where it /should/ be, or does 

My personal battle plan after the release of drupal 4.6, is improving 
usability/consistency of drupal:
- Nicer, better and more usable GUI's;
- Nicer and better helptexts;

So, I'm seeking people who want to work on this.. We will have 6 months 
after the release of drupal 4.6 till 4.7 comes out, which is quite a 
nice time todo a lot of improvements. Also at this point!

I hope there are people outhere who do think that this _is_ important, 
and would like to help me and write some docs, discuss this further and 
implement this the way it should...

@Ber, I'm counting also on you! Can I write your name on my list? Are 
you in, or will you shut up? ;-)


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