[drupal-devel] filebrowser.module

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Tue Feb 1 20:22:19 UTC 2005

drupal-cvs at drupal.org wrote:
> User: goba	Branch: HEAD	Date: Tue,  1 Feb 2005 17:29:19 +0000
> Added files:
>   /modules/filebrowser README.txt filebrowser.module
> Log message:
>   Add filebrowser module with some initial documentation in the README.
>   We use this module to present the subversion browser on drupal.hu,
>   with all the special information about translators of files, and
>   file states.

I tried looking for the 'subversion browser on drupal.hu' but could not 
find anything.

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