[drupal-devel] theme contribution question

stevew at etmeli.us stevew at etmeli.us
Wed Feb 2 12:08:54 UTC 2005

Okay, I've got CVS, I've read the docs, and I'm just a little confused.

Question 1: 'theme-styles' is the place for my themes here, since they are
variations on Persian.  But 'theme-styles' doesn't have anything but empty
folders in it.  Does the process go like this - I put them in there and
then someone else relocates them to the right place?

Question 2: I've got three variations on Persian, and a few more in the
pipe line.  Should each skin get its own directory (to be used under
Persian) or should I make a package out of it with a main directory and
more under that?  What do y'all think, there?


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