[drupal-devel] theme contribution question

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Feb 2 12:15:20 UTC 2005

> Okay, I've got CVS, I've read the docs, and I'm just a little confused.
> Question 1: 'theme-styles' is the place for my themes here, since they are
> variations on Persian.  But 'theme-styles' doesn't have anything but empty
> folders in it.  Does the process go like this - I put them in there and
> then someone else relocates them to the right place?
> Question 2: I've got three variations on Persian, and a few more in the
> pipe line.  Should each skin get its own directory (to be used under
> Persian) or should I make a package out of it with a main directory and
> more under that?  What do y'all think, there?

Please commit your theme styles under the exact theme (Persian in this 
case) in named subfolders, as it is used on your own local Drupal site. 
The idea is that if you download Persian, you will get all the styles 
too, and can usem them right away.


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