[drupal-devel] settings inconsistencies

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Thu Feb 3 11:10:52 UTC 2005

Op donderdag 3 februari 2005 11:51, schreef Carl McDade:
> This paradigm is not condusive to bloat or anarchy in that the true core
> [...]
> adjustments and increasing its size with extensions.

The success of the various unices (linux at the top) lies in the fact that 
small progams (anloge: modules) do one thing, but do it well. 
Instead of that windows-environment where you need yet another Freeware app to 
do yet another task only to find out it does neraly the same as foobar, with 
that minor difference. I.e: there is not one single CD burner application for 
windows that does its job good and nothing more. you will find loads of apps 
that allow you rto rip, collect, and even play music. 
So why should we need:

when the best solution is to have burner.module, ripper.module, player.module 
ogg.module. And to make them work together?

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