[drupal-devel] Howto enable webdav in your drupal directory

Karsten Müller kmue at mac.com
Thu Feb 3 15:46:54 UTC 2005

It was not too easy to make webdav work in my drupal directory while 
using clean URLs so I like to share these instructions.

Note: Using webdav without SSL is probably a security risk...

Add this line to .htaccess just befor the RewriteRule line(s):

Add these lines to your httpd.conf to enable 
http::/yourhost/drupal-source as webdav location:
<IfModule mod_dav.c>
     Alias /drupal-source /home/www/shiatsu/test45.0xc.net/docs
     <Location /drupal-source>
         AuthType Basic
         AuthName "drupal php"
# change path to your path
         AuthUserFile /path/.htpasswd
         Require valid-user
         # Don't use handlers
         SetHandler default-handler
         RemoveHandler .php .html
         DAV On
         Options +Indexes
         Order allow,deny
# change all to your IP address
         Allow from all
         # Lock down all actions except those that are read-only
         <LimitExcept GET HEAD OPTIONS>
             Allow from all
# change admin to your username
             Require user admin


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