[drupal-devel] settings inconsistencies

Carl McDade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 6 15:38:59 UTC 2005

This is true. There should be only three tabs showing primary
(list,Groups,users)with a secondaries for each. Right now the grops and
users primary and secondary are mixed up and confusing.

Steven Wittens wrote:
> Gabor Hojtsy wrote:
>>>> That makes the menu too long/flat, IMO.
>>>> One alternative would be to have 'access control' and 'profile' 
> tabs 
>>>> directly under 'admin - user', instead of under 'admin - user - 
>>>> configure' (one level less deep).
>>> Patch to follow if the attached screen capture is what you would 
> like.
>> This type of tabs absolutely break the "use a verb to signify a local 
>> task" rule, which was introduced before (although might fix some 
>> problems, will open another can of worms).
> The access control patch already breaks this. The rationale is that the 
> 3 tabs /are/ still local tasks to do with access control, but 'verbing' 
> them would not make them clearer. I suppose the proper local tasks 
> would 
> be "set up permission" "set up roles" and "set up account rules", but 
> that doesn't make the screen much clearer really.
> However, a big -1 from me on moving them under admin>users. I don't 
> think people will see "access control" and "profile setup" as something 
> to with "adminstering users". For me, "users" are the people. Setting 
> up 
> profile fields is not "administer users", it is editing the people's 
> profile information which is. Setting up rules is not "administer 
> users", choosing which people go in what role is.
> Steven Wittens

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